A psi ball is a ball of energy.It is the most simple thing to make, and is made quite easily.You can Program it, which means you can give it commands to follow.Below are how to make one and some commands I use.

How to make oneEdit

  1. Rub your hands together.
  2. Take them apart.You should feel the heat energy between your hands.
  3. Visualize a white, pure light coming from the center of the universe into you.
  4. Take the white energy and visualize it flowing into the psi ball in the middle of your hands.(Note: You can't actually see the Psi Ball, but you can feel the energy from it.)
  5. Think of some things for it to do.
  6. Visualize those thoughts (called thought forms) going down your arm into the psi ball.

Commands I UseEdit

  • Follow me around.
  • Gather energy from the sun and the Earth.
  • When I say Explode three times, self destruct.
  • When I say shoot three times, shoot exploding energy balls.